Saturday, July 20, 2013

All I've got left is a sore toe.

Spent this last week in Bamfield. We slept on Brady's, the sand never giving in to our sore backs and listening to the wind rustle up the excuse of the tent tie. It was an adventure for us three girls and it was surprisingly jam punched with fun to the max. Everything from boating around to this adjacent Island, trying to find the "lost finger", exploring the haunted inn/stealing a giant whisk, kayaking across the inlet to ask whether we could use the row boat, playing cards against humanity (can you say kids with ass cancer?) and ending it all with a bonfire with local drugged up fishermen and waking up to search for a wallet for a couple hours. All good, no bad.

Other than that, I've been up to planning a Street Dance in Parksville for the end of August. We've been in cahoots with various bands up and down the island, the Parksville Chamber of Commerce, Mayor and local Businesses. Planning this event has really opened my eyes to how much you really need to think when planning something on this scale. It looks like it's going to work out, which my stress level is excited about. Hopefully the group and I can have a meeting tomorrow at some point to see where everyone is at.

Miss you guys and I hope you're enjoying music fest in Vancouver right now. I'm just busy downloading movies and enjoying the lazy life. It's funny that you're watching Dexter. It's Cyrus' favorite series and a couple months ago I started watching it all. I'm currently up to date and wait every Sunday to watch what's going to happen.