Wednesday, May 23, 2012

doing alright, doing just fine.

Had to go home from school sick today. Left class after 2 hours of "simple learning" explained... spent to rest of the afternoon bent around a hot water bottle thanking the gods that I was missing yet another lecture on Russian Constructivism. What is it about Capitalists that find Communists and the will to be equal so fascinating yet also so disgusting? Anyway instead I listened to This American Life's interpretation of middle school and how it was the most disgruntling yet formative years in a human American's existence. The Terrible Twelves, slightly less endearing than the Twos.
This one girl at her middle school dance had been asked out by 5 separate lads and had not given any of them a definitive answer. Something that is cute when it is narrated by a twelve year old, prepubescent, voice but just plain promiscuous for everyone else. She was all like "I just wanted to hang out with the girls, you know?" Must  be a looker.
And in my textbook a psychologist described his first love, whose breath always smelled like onions, to the point that he became sexually stimulated every time he smelled onion breath (there was even a diagram...) And how every once in a while he will catch a whiff and be transported back to that place in his teen years...