Sunday, July 28, 2013

Time for a curry

Sup Chiquita.

Got hit on in Spanish by an old guy today. He came through my till and looked deep into my eyes. And I've sort of ditched Dexter, because I have commitment issues, even with TV.
It seems like I've replaced all my TV time with outdoor activities and TWO MORE JOBS.
I've become the disgusting kind of person who runs to work in the morning. It started because I was always at least 5 minutes late, since my bike is out of order. And it continued because it became a habit. People glare me down for being out running at 7 am with a backpack on.
And I went rock climbing with Tyson's gung-ho roomate/ new best friend. It was challenging but fun you know, sun was shining and I was jamming by limbs and fingers into every available crack. New respect for the fad. And got a couple disturbing looking bruises on my upper thighs from sliding off a rock face. Always a win.
Ok about the jobs: One is actually volunteer. Z asked me if I want to be on the programming committee for Open Space, which sounds great to me. I'm going in on Tuesday to meet and greet. I'm a bit nervous actually. I know they are short on volunteers at the moment but I haven't handled actual art for 2 years. Plus I've learned in this past year that what I find interesting and appealing is often the direct opposite of what everyone else thinks. Lucky its a committee thing.
And the other thing is through my Aunt's company. She texted me today to see if I wanted a "banking job," which sounds a bit less customer service- y than "cashier" (I know its a desk job, something with accounts...) So I am considering that too. It's funny when your horoscope comes true.
Plus all of my relatives from all of my families are somehow going to be in Victoria at the same time. Talk about awkward time juggling. 

LV I am going to your house tonight, which is currently empty. To use your/ my scanner. And probably edit some photos and maybe steal some tea if you've got a good stash. Hope you are safe.
SC when is your street dance? I want to come- and which bands did you get? Going to be great.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

All I've got left is a sore toe.

Spent this last week in Bamfield. We slept on Brady's, the sand never giving in to our sore backs and listening to the wind rustle up the excuse of the tent tie. It was an adventure for us three girls and it was surprisingly jam punched with fun to the max. Everything from boating around to this adjacent Island, trying to find the "lost finger", exploring the haunted inn/stealing a giant whisk, kayaking across the inlet to ask whether we could use the row boat, playing cards against humanity (can you say kids with ass cancer?) and ending it all with a bonfire with local drugged up fishermen and waking up to search for a wallet for a couple hours. All good, no bad.

Other than that, I've been up to planning a Street Dance in Parksville for the end of August. We've been in cahoots with various bands up and down the island, the Parksville Chamber of Commerce, Mayor and local Businesses. Planning this event has really opened my eyes to how much you really need to think when planning something on this scale. It looks like it's going to work out, which my stress level is excited about. Hopefully the group and I can have a meeting tomorrow at some point to see where everyone is at.

Miss you guys and I hope you're enjoying music fest in Vancouver right now. I'm just busy downloading movies and enjoying the lazy life. It's funny that you're watching Dexter. It's Cyrus' favorite series and a couple months ago I started watching it all. I'm currently up to date and wait every Sunday to watch what's going to happen.


Monday, July 15, 2013

not so gleeful

Spent a couple of hours in the darkroom today. Amazing how loose and calm one feels after an afternoon spent in the dark, wrist deep in chemistry. The enlarger has a slightly crooked lens, somehow, so I spent an extra twenty minutes trying to trim the prints to something that resembled a rectangle. Unsuccessfully, as the paper cutter appeared to have an oddly curved blade likely retrieved from the rubble of the Blitz.
Have started watching that show Dexter, which has made the visitation of Aunt Flo a little more queasy than regular. And feel incredible depressed that my summer report involves television at all, but two jobs, man. The laziness is too thick to cut with a butter knife.
At least am going somewhere interesting next weekend, although it is still not camping.
And got the photos from that side of the road cam developed today. Sarah the photo of you is a beaut, minus the overall un-focus. We will try again next time I see you.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Amish Adirondak Holler

So today I made my first sex joke as a cashier, to a guy who was buying condoms. The guy promptly forgot his wallet, or was somehow robbed. I don't think I'll be cracking many more jokes in the future.

On the plus side I hit the Moss Street Market for the first time ever this morning and loaded up with veggies. I also bought a Thai Basil plant and a chocolate mint plant. I walked around most of the morning holding the basil directly under my nose so I could smell its perfection.

Also on the plus side I found a soccer ball on the way home, which brought a wave of nostalgia and not a scrap of sympathy for whatever hooligan stole the thing from Reynolds Soccer Club.

Laying in bed listening to a band whose name was scribbled into my moleskin by the guy who played the keys/ saw. Because I can never catch the name of an opening band at a show- maybe it is slurred or lisped too heavily or maybe I am deaf but a couple of Pabst will give me courage to approach minor members as they lounge against the bar.

I seriously need sleep.