Saturday, October 19, 2013

Something Something Something

My life has been completely uneventful the last couple weeks. Seriously, nothing new to report other than me being sick multiple times (hey sarah, u getting betterz? wow, gotta get u sik again)-says the common going around whore cold. 

Life has been totally uneventful, that I've resulted to taking free classes online to pass my nightly time/ to see if I want to seriously take ahold university(which I think will happen regardless one day). One is Ancient Architecture, another is Behavioral Economics, Haut Cuisine/Soft Science (which is shredding my brain) and lastly, the newest one I just joined up for kicks, is some introduction to computing programming while learning to use python. 

We're also moving back to our old house on wright rd. My next door neighbor today decided he was going to help unpack, so we spent 20 minutes putting away dishes in the china cabinet. Hes three and named Sy.

I'm just tired now, my foot is asleep. I'm listening to Solomon Burke and wishing I owned a warmer room. And Socks. ps, add to the list that I want to learn to knit socks.

pss, add to the list that one day I want to copy a non-profit that supplements the cost of farmer market/local food for low income people. There is a non-profit in somewhere, USA that does just that with the poorer populations and they just raise money, that I think gets added to a "bank" of sorts to cut the cost of produce. I want to learn more of how they exactly do it, and what sort of problems they hurdled over to create something like this. It would also be neat to team up with this place in Nanaimo that I can't think of right now... that does similar things (good food box program) where you pay 10 dollars every week for a box of veggies that would be cheaper than buying them normally (they buy in bulk and divide the fixings to every buying). Awesome hey?