Saturday, November 17, 2012

Need more rain.

There's dampness in the air. Most likely to the massive amounts of water pouring from the sky. I woke up early to a cat coughing up a hair ball and have been up since. I've tried calling c-man kurosh early morning, but that didn't work. Tried calling him 15 minutes later again, and it didn't work again.

Maybe I should start calling you guys if I'm bored early early morning. You'd be waking up to my recognizable tones and I'd get the daily scoop. hoop, loop, droop.

Have you guys been keeping up with the gaza and israel extravaganza going on? Cyrus shared this live feed that was going on, where you could hear bombs going off in the distance. That was thursday night and it's still a super scary thing. I wonder how we would react to something like that. No one has that mindset on how to deal with it and I wonder how long it would keep up if it were on this side of the world. I'd like to say not long. But we're only humans. And unnecessary aggression is something that is from too common in many negative events.

That being said, I'm living the easy morning canadian life. I woke up early, ate yogurt and a bowl of cornflakes, attempted to make a christmas playlist and had no war like events at all.

Hope the same is going for you guys. - Shark

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