Friday, December 16, 2011

Last day in Victoria and I'm dragging my heels. We were supposed to go for breakfast but I feel like considering it is now ten thirty and the roommates are still snoozing... its not gonna happen. So I'mma go ahead and pour myself a yoghurt and granola. Had a man named George in my room a couple of nights ago, examining every surface. He invited me to write for his culture 'zine that he's starting up with some cross-continental friends. I feel like he may be the type of person to implement that kind of thing, for real.
Here is an embroidered face. It is by a man named Daniel Kornrumpf. They are having a CD blowout at the library. Then I went to ditch. I returned home with two books and ten CDs in my bag. Anyway. Gotta move.

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