Saturday, December 17, 2011

When I Was 25.

So there they are... as far as I can think of anyway. Top ten albums of 2011. T'was a very good year for blue blooded girls of independent means (they ride in limousines... their chauffeurs drive.) As frank would say. Anyway I got home last night. I am currently watching the sun slowly illuminate the field. My dad built this weird pole thing in the backyard with a wooden platform on top for bird food. Little guys love it. there's even a rope dangling down in case they fall off or something. Plans for the day: unpack/ reposition my furniture because my room feels big and empty. Figure out a way to make my bed feel less like a sheet of ply wood and more like something you would want to sleep on. Wash my hair. Pay my phone bill (maybe). Go to a Christmas party and invariably listen to Michael Buble's Christmas, then James Taylor, then something from the 80s. Cluster around the food table with my friends and discuss how drunk our parents are acting. Go home and sleep.

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