Sunday, December 11, 2011

they got the skill and the talent

Spent the afternoon in Witty's Lagoon today. That's what it looked like. We hiked past the Sitting Lady waterfall, with a quick pause to play poo sticks on the bridge. We crossed a flattened log bridge and made it to the beach.
Once we got there we spent about an hour trying to light a fire, taking regular swigs from our water bottles filled with homemade wine, and to pat the dog. We roasted hot dogs and put a baguette on some hot stones. We added swiss cheese which we ate in front of a jealous dog, eyes only seeing swiss. On the way out of our nook I bounced around, trying to return feeling to my frozen and sleeping toes. I looked up and saw
In the car on the way home, we passed  by another lagoon, this one filled with swans and ducks. I haven't seen a swan in a few year and here was more than ten. Marketa talked about Romance and seagulls and her dog snuffled with satisfaction, wiping the sand out of his eyes.
Kat is making spaghetti squash the proper way. And rum and hot apple cider.
I feel like reading books and chewing on something warm.

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