Thursday, November 3, 2011

Factional leaders independently cultivated ties to particular European colonies

E, you sound like you're sixty. "Back in my day, all the kids took PRIDE in their Halloween costumes. There was none of this here STOREBOUGHT business, and we all said please and thank you and kept our eyes downcast because we were too shy to look up...".

Speaking of Halloween, my mother told me that they went and had tea at my Grandma's the night of (she lives in town, and consequently gets actual trick-or-treaters, which does not happen in the boonies, let me tell you) and an older lady who had had a few, ahem, had dressed up her dog and was out collecting candy. Apparently, she walked herself right into the house, introduced the dog, and sat down at the dining room table. My father eventually made her leave, but Grandma was out of her head with worry that the woman would feed chocolate to the dog. Some people.

My current essay has been in progress for a week, and it is not going well. Some information is absent, the sentences are not flowing, and my head won't wrap itself around the topic. Not good. This one may have to take a 2% hit and be handed in Friday afternoon, argh.

Apparently, the woman who received this note was handed it by a stranger who then walked away without saying a word. 

S, I like the pictures from your marimba photoshoot, you look happy.

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