Tuesday, November 1, 2011

false alarm and paranoia.

(Paul Herbst)
So I never told you about my Halloween.
The only celebration that I was involved in included some really sad conversations. Friend of mine is not acting himself and he compeletly realizes it. He said he didn't want people to get the wrong impression of him, this person he was being was some lesser version of what he could be. He wanted to cry but he chuckled instead. The girl that he was admittedly using draped herself across his lap, then dumped  a beer on my head.
And sleeping in the unmade bed of an absentee friend. He has moved to a whole other ecosystem.  Anyway by the time I realized it was two in the morning everyone else had apparently done so also and all the cabs in town were occupado.
Woke up at 6:30 in order to be at work for 8, wearing the same outfit as the night before, reaking and hungover on an empty stomach, serving two soft spoken Oktoberfest musicians their coffee and their eggs.
Last night I gave mass amounts of candy away to children who seemed to think they were better than us. I remember being terrified of anyone remotely in the "young and hip" category when I was their age,  which basically included anyone at all who was older/ smarter than I. What happened to the days when kid's Moms sewed them something special to wear out, instead of buying them fuzy animal getups that they would only be able to fit once. What happened to layering against the cold?
Saturday night I went to bed early with a pounding head while people around me comited acts that God apparently frowns upon.
Tonight I will learn about Eskimos and Moravians. Face off of the century.

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