Thursday, November 3, 2011


november 2end was my brothers and dads birthday!! intense!!! happy birthday.
It's been cold lately, I don't know its similar weather down in victoria, but it;'s cold here. Leaves are falling everywhere.
I spent the day at the carson's residence (seriously, all day, 10-6) getting and trying to work on the presskit, we've made massive headway. Though, it was alot of waiting around. Don't take me wrong, I'm thankful that carm's mom was helping us out, but it was a slow process. I froze slowly in time spent. It's been one of the few days too, that i've spent the day hungry. I didn't want to eat yonder, because i was expecting this gigantic meal for when I arrived home. But still, it was hard
Other then that though, the days have been surprisenly busy. I got this letter from my penpal who lives up the road from sherwood forest. The girl is actually really funny. I like having penpals. Mortimer i mailed you a letter the other day, expect it eventually.

I can see the floor of my bedroom. It's been a forgotten concept. I'm also planning on planting some garlic tomorrow. i kept saying I'll do it, and then it ends up pissing rain, or too cold for words in the morning, or I just don't feel like doing it.  But tomorrow is the day! mark my words.  the words which are slowly spewing from my dry morning lips. my eyes glazed over with the remnants of the mornings sunrise.

har har har har har

and for the november 3erd words: I feel like bitting peoples heads off. I feel like sleeping, and going for a swim too.

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