Sunday, November 6, 2011

I hate smokers.

How's your weekend going? Here, I feel slow, but productive. There's something to always get done, even though it will take me hours of just sitting in the same spot, I'm getting through it. I've blown through the majority of my list.

Something that was on my list this morning, was to get more rocks for the edging of this garden patch I've just cleaned out. I've planted garlic in it. But it was still lacking that distinctive feature. The line written on my list said to "go for your morning walks, why not make its so you can get a bag of rocks at the same time? " It seemed smart and productive. I found a canvas bag, and set to it. The eighty something steps down to the beach. This was 10 minutes after I woken up, seriously. I made sure of it that it was the first thing I was going to do this morning.  See though, i don't know whether that was the smartest thing to do. I felt faint. I went down the stairs, but bush wacked it on my up for the hell of it. I nearly feel over to the side, losing balance at least 6 times. The beach was beautiful that time of morning.  Too many birds and french creek looked like a prime place to have breakfast. ( mental note, once you come back for the christmas holidays, we should buy a bunch of croissants and nutella and take a thermos of hot beverage down to french creek for breakfast) + laura, you can come too, but I really doubt you;ll be in the oceanside area, but the love is still there.

I was slightly hungover this morning. Not really though. Just the impression of a headache. It was Forrest's 19th birthday last night. I rarely saw him during that party.  He was outside by the fire, hanging out with bashu and a million other people that i've seen their faces before, but never once heard their names. Bashu was there though, I haven't seen him for ages.

Before all that though, during the day time, the marimba mixed band (members from our band and the 8-13 aged boys band, well, one member) played this random gig. Carmanaghs mom is running for school trustee in area F (our area) and held this "soap box" shout out event. Old school. You stand on this make-shift box, and yell out your rants to the world. Everyone did it too. It was hilarious too, this one old grouchy guy, went up and started to go on a rant about how they should be bringing back mining and tree cutting to the area. Give young families a reason to live here, to prosper, so they would produce kids that would go to our schools, and thus any school closure is prevented. He seemed so sure of himself, and the conviction in his voice left a void in the air when he was done. Everyone clapped, but mine was the loudest. Even if i didn't't want it to be, it was. To readers reading this, it's not some retarded metaphor, it's actually just because my clap is really loud.

I agree on him in some accepts though.. Bring something other then tourism to the area. The fisheries are dying out (though in fanny bay, the oysters are prospering) and there isn't much to do. Bring something special to the area.

Other then that, nothing new is happening. There is a girls night, tonight at jasmindas (wish me luck, i've been feeling unsociable). They are watching hot fuzz and playing a game I've never heard of. My plan today is to find Internet, and find the lyrics to "danza kudro" and be this impressive spanish mistress and learn the words to it. It's in spanish. Just because i can.

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