Monday, October 24, 2011

i can change my face, don't you remember?

SHHH. Don't use my real name! They'll find me!

Not a lot happening. I swear. I have this rager headache and I came home and the heat was turned up in all the rooms and it was sweltering so I am stripped down to the minimal layers of shirt tucked into pants and no socks. Got the most hilarious stare-down from this guy on a bus while walking home. Took Laura out for birthday pie except I am shamefully broke so she paid her own meal.
Wrote about 7 thousand pages of exams today (we're talking 7 short essays, one long in total) and now I'm supposed to read these three articles to discuss tomorrow so that I can suck up to the prof so he'll write me a recomendation but I seriously think it's gonna be an early bedtime instead.
Just found the most disgusting clump of hair stuck to the bottom of my sock. No idea where the flat-mates are. Kat's been running overdrive and Sarah's sick and depressed. The usual.
Had a dream about Race Rocks (the place) and a music festival in the woods, I think Cliff, Marketa's ex, was in it too. And Evan Pepper.
I am reading Hemingway's Moveable Feast as well as this book about Speakeasies and boom and Depression era Detroit (your fave!) so I looked up abandoned mansions on the google and came up with this picture.
Thinking I should be Jane Avril for Hallowe'en... this year I'm gonna put effort in this, I swear.
What are you doing?
This time last year we were making seasonal comfort food and scraping the dry wall dust out of the bathtub. Wish you were here.
No Kids - For Halloween .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

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