Tuesday, October 25, 2011

jump on my train, yeah. My little train of thought.

Moose taste good.
Had a coffee at 4. Now I am full of energy  but have got nowhere to direct it AHHAHAH. Everyone's worst nightmare,basically. Too much of a good thing ain't good at all fool.
I want tuna but I am against eating tuna.
Glorious weather today. Laura nearly insulted a feminist on the bus. I was sitting between them. Made pretty fine improptu mac and cheese. Although to be fair it was fusili.
Actually tonight would be a good night for photo running if it wasn't getting dark so fast. You know, running while taking pictures? It's something the cool kids aren't doing but definetely should be.
As I am having difficulty following my own train of thought, gonna go read someone elses, or something.
Hooded Fang - Land of Giants .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine
To be fair I have never heard this song. Good band though.

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