Monday, October 24, 2011

dang felix.

Happy birthday laura! Hope all things are doing well on this crazy special day. Over here my toes are cold and I fed your rabbit a carrot. I'm sure that little akon the acorn is thinking of you too on this very special day <3 ps.. why didn't you tell me it was your birthday coming up in the last letter you wrote me? I would have replied with a gigantic birthday message back.  Except you didn't. So you got a sub par reply/return to your last letter mailed to me. I mailed it out friday. you'll see it soon in a mail box near you.

Other then that, I think this blog needs a daily update from me. Today is the monday of all monday.s The fire in the fireplace is roaring strong just feet from me, but my toes- like i said are still cold. My house lacks the internet or phone right now. So I'm trying to be productive with my free time and write this in my editing program and I'll update the blog later when I see some connected wi-fi.

Yesterday the band had a photoshoot. We spent a couple hours on little mountain. By the end I was grumpy, cold and my socks were wet. We all decided that we would have a quick practice and then head out for dinner as a team. It was 'mexican food" and dq ice cream.  I owe jasmind(ah) 10$ on the account that i seem to have lost my money card. Someone could be spending billions of my hard earned cash I as speak. I was really happy to hang out with the new guy of the group though (stefan), I think he will be a good potential member of the group.

I made a huge to-do list to get done.  The look of it is daunting.
Emma, what's new with you?

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