Sunday, October 23, 2011

She took a sad song and made it better (sadder)!

I feel like this picture right now, with cold medicine and caffeine fighting it out in my body.

That's a great quote about books, I heartily agree. However, I also took out ten books from the library today concerning the Fraser River Gold Rush, and have yet to experience promised hordes of men flocking to my apartment door. And a Geography degree would be sick (Or dank, I guess...), what'chu talking about?

Today...I exchanged a smile with a stranger on the bus concerning leggings worn by a young male jogger sitting in front of us. The girl and I started snickering, and the guy must have heard us and turned around, catching our embarrassed eyes. Instead of frowning or shaking his head or just plain ignoring us, he started to laugh. It was really great; I love moments like that, when you're reminded that the people surrounding you are people, and potential friends.

Otherwise, nothing is happening. Frances is watching a movie of the space-wars shoot-em-up variety with her boyfriend. He is...well, Ritchie, you will see for yourself soon, I guess.

This cold is kicking my ass.

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