Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Stand For the Neighbourhood.

News of the day in order of occurance:
1) T-boned a car on my bike while riding to work. Not entirely anyones fault here. I was in his blindspot, he didn't signal in time, I should have stopped faster. Still though. He didn't stop to see if I was dead the big jerk
2)Worked my last real summer shift. My boss admitted that she hired me because I was studying art history, not for any other real reason.
3) Went to school with the "couple" from down the road. We saw the largest wave of people I have ever seen walking in one direction. It made me uncomfortable to say the least.
Not really anything else going on. My boss bought us tickets for this ska show tomorrow night as an end of season bonus.
This summer I have had more champagne and group hugs then any other.
I need to prepare myself for the school year. One of my profs asked us to bring rulers pencils erasers and scissors to class. This sounds like crafts to me.

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