Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This is what I want right now. Nightlife, silly girls around me and male-friends, dressed too hip for the town, running around, trying to catch the last subway run of the night. It's a good way to block out the world si?
And then I want to wake up to this. BAM!  Isn't that beautiful? Wouldn't it be great, if the door on the left lead to something like a slightly furnished trail, aged with a billion years? And then that trail lead to a waterfall..

like this?! with snow?! True story though. I went hiking with Carmanagh and Elizabeth there and had a picture just feet from the falls.We had bread and cheese and grapes and lemonaid. It was cute. We then drove downtown, I bought some architectural books (that book store with the basement was having a 25% off sale!yes!) and took the bus home. It was a sunny day, and it lacked a dog.

We're playing at the qualicum beach farmers market this saturday morning and the night prior apparently we have a marimba sleepover.

Shits going down with cyrus right now, it's like this whole relationship is a joke.

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Miles said...

For whatever reason, I really really like this post