Saturday, September 10, 2011

That dog is great though.

This building alone is neat concept. But in everyday life, how useful really is that plastic bit over the top? Over here, I think it would be completely useless. Unless you gathered land that had no trees bigger then the building it self, and in an area that no bird would ever poop on it - then it would be cool. Except we don't live there. So what's my solution to this conundrum? Thanks for asking babe. Take that plastic off, be smart with how you manage the spacial quality of the roof top and be creative. Too bad there isn't a whiteboard application on this blog so I can show you quickly this super plan for a blueprint of the roof. I'm too lazy to go to paint. Anyways...

Got rich today busking. Apparently someone painted a picture of the band in the old school house. apparently it's tiny too. I wanted to go check it out, but I got a free ride home.  A man also gave us free cinnamon buns at the market. It was melty gooey, and I had to pass it on as quickly as I got it. One bit, thats all.

Is it hot down in victoria? Here it is. I've been living of chocolate milk and tomato sandwiches.

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