Sunday, September 4, 2011

Water and Wine and a Boy Who Won't Text Back

I am sorry to hear about Gilbert. Seagulls seem to have a predisposition towards dying in unfortunate ways, probably because there are so many of them living in such close proximity to humans. I had a seagull named Napoleon a long time ago; I have a vague memory of my mom wearing hideous aquamarine shorts and jumping into the lake in order to save him from a bald eagle. He ate a lot of mayflies.

It's too bloody dark in this apartment, but today was lovely and sunny. I bought CLOTHES, including a DRESS, and will wear it TOMORROW.

Listen to this:
They are coming to Sugar sometime soon, and it would be nice to see them, but every time I make music plans life seems to get in the way.

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Emma & Sarah said...

Laura are you sure they are coming "sometime soon"? I saw those guys at Sugar in January...