Saturday, September 3, 2011

That was the night that Robin broke into someone's house

So Gilbert is dead. The authorities think that he was electrocuted, possibly on a power line. Seeing as how he was malnourished and agressive they put him out of his misery. He was 9 years old. Last time I saw him he was cornered against a wall with a bleeding foot and absolute fear in his eye. We put him in a cardboard box and he dissapeared.
Read a blurb in the Globe and Mail today about a 22 year old woman who punched a bear in the face to protect her daschund (being carried off like a salmon). She said she didn't stop to think, she just lashed out and the bear wandered off, dazed.
Got invited to an artist's opening for next friday. He said "now you guys get to party on MY time" as if all we do all day is party on our own time. Or maybe he said turf.
Kat's birthday party is going to be "grade six" themed.
The baby upstairs is wailing.

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