Thursday, June 9, 2011

cold toes and swanky hotels.

What can I say...? Recording this last weekend was intense. I swear I played at least 25 hours of marimba, but the sun was shinning and I can proudly say I have my first marimba callus. The guy recording us is named "ted" and he brought with him, thousand dollar mics and a apple computer. Overall good weekend. We played a gig saturday night, that serve potluck and really bitter-would-taste-better with alcohol lime slurpees. Our encore song? Our best yet, we recently added violin to one of the songs, and it just takes it to another level. I was also impressed with this simple salad I ate of tomatoes, mangos and cilantro. Gotta try making that one day.

A couple days later, I found out I'm official on the get go for ukraine september 6th. Feel like donating to the sarah chezick cause? click the link! also, ladies, if you guys have any fundraising ideals, I'm all ears. I'm actually freaked out about this all.

Anyways, take care! and I'll leave you guys with this hilarious video of solid music playing:

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