Thursday, June 9, 2011

And Maybe It Will All Come Back To Me

Well here it is darlings. Twenty years and I just feel tired. I don't feel like doors are opening at this point either, rather now I am too old to do certain things. For example I can no longer justify getting an abortion. I can't blame "adults" for anything anymore, I have to be civil and get along. I can't really blame my parents for not teaching me to drive anymore either. Yesterday at work Marketa held me off with conversation about Mr. T's bowel movements and by flipping madly through The Book while the others whisked out a chocolate cake and a bottle of bubbly. That woman loves her champagne, dear me.
I am feeling lethargic after the biggest bowl of soup you have ever seen but I have to go downtown to deposit my paycheque. Gawd.
sorry for the sobriety. That Time of Month is arriving rapidly on a red velvet steed.

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