Sunday, June 12, 2011

Born to Ramble (is this the Bay St. Bridge?)

Shark I'm expecting my autographed copy of the new album in the mail. Face to face is good too.
Went to an "art crawl" on friday. Can safely say that it was the best time. We all climbed onto this school bus that took us from gallery to gallery. Starting at the Cornerstone Cafe which featured a UVic grad who specialized in paintings of gnomes in vomity colour scheme and the infamous Fernwood Bubble Man, ending in Open Space gallery downtown which featured miracles of agricultural engineering (mainly this giant potato sack man with plants growing out of him). Stopping at this weirdly located collective with impressive live artists, another studio with black and white paintings of a cartoony version of the artist doing really disgusting things like vomiting and chewing on someone else who also looked like himself, and this print shop above China Town that was packed with sweaty hipsters and mediocre posters. In the corner there was a video of a rolling eyeball and flashing lightbulbs and a drunk boy with a chin hook that explained that this was HIS eyeball and also his face on page 4 of the guidebook, look. His buddy had called him up and said "Hey man, you're on page 4", and he had replied with the witty but accurate "page 4 of what?"
Anyway the night was capped off with drunken dancing to this band that featured the older brother of one of my own brother's childhood friends, who also happened to have been at my parents' wedding. I was able to get several pleasant mental images of dancing art boys that I will cherish until the school year starts again and I can continue to stare at them in person.
Yesterday Ryan Jamieson showed up randomly and he and I wandered around town together for a couple hours. Strange because I have never had more than a "Hi How Are You" conversation with him. And also because we started philosophizing about the limitations of human beings inflicted upon themselves. And then we witnessed the annual naked bike ride through town.
Kat is going to Prague for 2 weeks tomorrow. Sabo stepped on a nail a couple days ago and won't let us forget it.

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