Monday, May 30, 2011

You Blew It

I slept until noon today. That never happens. Not sure which animal hibernates in the summer but I am becoming it. I seem to have earned brownie points at work because my boss pulled me out mid-toilet scrub to show me pictures on the internet of her new boyfriend (music producer C-Dawg, kid you not) Later she traveled up the steep flight of stairs to inform me that her allergies were acting up and could I please climb onto the bed and wipe those cob-webs off the roof. I think she is lonely.
Also went to that party at this other girl's house. I happened to sit at the end of the table with the pretentious kids- one minute reciting Shakespeare, the next talking about Stanley Kubrick's Lolita. And then Bernard, next to me tells me he works at a bike shop and that he has "oft compared a woman to a bicycle" (here I snorted and held back the dirty jokes...) And "I wrote this poem..." at which point he was distracted and I made a get away. I am serious, these were the worst dressed hip-kids I have seen.
But! I am going to buy a ticket for tomorrow night's Timber Timbre show. Listen!

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