Monday, May 30, 2011

All those words I should have said

Yesterday, I kayaked to my neighbours' house and spent another four hours picking up sticks. But it was wicked sunny and a burn extends over my back and down both shoulders, making sleeping and showering uncomfortable. Then the guy who hired me asked if I wanted to take a spin on his 1973 Honda motorbike, which was nice, but I couldn't work the clutch and ended up pushing it down the driveway with my feet like a tricycle. And then it fell on me.

Today, my throat is swollen and I'm stuffed up, crouched over in front of the computer eating cheese. Over and out.


Miles said...

God, where do you live, adventure-land? This sounds amazing. Also, defeat pretentious kids by disagreeing with them. About anything. And then, slowly involve them all in the ensuing argument and walk away as they implode in on themselves.

Emma & Sarah said...

If only. Laura lives in LaLa Land. Half of this shit is made up

Emma & Sarah said...

Um. Rudeness! And untruth. I never lie. Ever.
Thanks for your advice, Miles. I will employ it when the time is right.