Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It`s the new way to see

Hey. M here.
I keep up this internal dialogue all day of things to write up and down this page, `cept now it`s crunch time and my sane thoughts have slipped out the back door for a ciggie.
This couple is at the bedandbreakfast for a week- their honeymoon- right now and they are the most awkward. I feel like they are secretly Amish or something. They are terrified of relaxation. And they do not even speak to each other. I took their breakfast orders this morning and they looked like I was mugging them. I put her pancakes down in front of her and she literally cringed. Anyway. Maybe I am bitter because I need excessive amounts of appreciation at all times.
And Timber Timbre was great thanks. except I sat right behind some big headed guy and couldn`t really see anything except the violinist. And the opener was playing their first show since they graduated the garage (I`m sorry that was rude...)

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