Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birthday Cake Icecream!

I'm pooped. As brown as the dirt above these words. We did this gig in deep bay this afternoon for a couple hours. Really random too, it was someones backyard, but they were holding a event talking about art? I guess. I'm still not sure. There was "grab" art hidden all over the place, tons of boomers and seniors dancing and just enjoying the goodlife with the ma rimba tunes in the back drop and a tent where they were selling hot dogs and pop. Beautiful day though, the sun was so bright, and I'm sure I am slightly sun burnt. Got free ice cream too! Sweet!

This wednesday we have the show on that island, that is in the city. I'm excited. My arms are weak though right now, and I'm stuffed to the tip of my tummy with food. I feel like having someone dig me a hole, so I can sleep soundly and quietly for the entire night.

Last night maddy had this little get together. It was nice. We had a fire, and whatever was left of the gang was there. I made some nearly vegan, gluten free cookies for the event. Mostly for that special gal though <3 +++ Tyrell made this delicious salad with kale and spinach and this spicy asian-ey almond butter dressing. Dang huh?

Hope your weekend was swell ladies! And take care!

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