Friday, May 27, 2011

We Love Girls Who Lick Roller-Blades

We also love boys with terrible haircuts that rollerblade in slow-motion home from work evryday around 7:30pm. And weird men named Herb who stand in their front lawns and just want to chat for hours about their lives since retirement. And halibut.
Just invited a whole wagon load of people over for dinner but the only ones not busy were my brother and his room-mate. Of course.
And I stopped at the art gallery on the way home to remind myself to not get distracted. Stay on track like. The show on right now is called You Blew It and features miniature sculptures of people dying terrible deaths, complete with a plain crash, a man shooting himself in the head in front of an audience and another guy cutting his arm like baloney. For some reason I really liked it. Also picked up St.Elmo's Fire on the way home, we've been having an Andrew McCarthey fest (watched Class last night, highly recommend it- I won't give anything away but nothing happens like you think it will, that to me makes a good movie)
Anyway sitting here with my feet up and a breeze coming through the window, I should really get back to cleaning stuff.


l.vinnedge said...

Herb doesn't have a fenced yard and own two Malamute/Siberian Huskies and live over by the hospital, does he?

Emma & Sarah said...

No Laur. This is not the same man. This guy thinks his cats are geniuses because they chase squirrels. He is into Harleys and has a putting area in his backyard. But he does have a fence around the yard- black metal with little artichoke shaped tops to the posts?