Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just throw in some moose meat, it'll turn out fine

This is Bethany Hamilton, and I'm sure you guys have already heard about her, but she is an American surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack and went on to with the American National Championships. I just watched a terrible movie about her life, which is unfortunate, because her story is amazing. But no one could act, and everyone was supermodel beautiful and Jersey Shore orange and Could Not Stop Talking About God. In reality, Bethany has braces (maybe had; I dunno) and is a little gangly and has a deep voice and is lovely for it. Her mother is overweight, and her dad is grey and balding. And imperfections, both physical and mental, would have added so much to the movie. Do you really mean to tell me that this girl lost her arm and just shrugged, no worries, and suffered no mental anguish whatsoever? Maybe that's why people enjoy shows like Skins so much; they focus on darker stuff that makes the beauty present in life even more meaningful. Maybe it's late and I'm tired and don't know what I'm talking about.

Sarah, those pictures made me laugh! You guys are lovely!

Emma, you enjoy videos of things crashing and running into other things and I enjoy videos of dogs, so you should check out Swedish House Mafia's music video for Save the World. Which did not end at 6pm today, by the way.

Guess who I will see tomorrow!?! The one and only Frances McDonald. Are you jealous? I thought you might be. I miss you guys a ton. Basically 3 months and counting.

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