Saturday, May 21, 2011

Laying Nameless in the Snow

So last night Ryan and Zaman showed up at like 9.30. One of whom I thought was aloof and the other I thought was dead in Mexico. Both arrived, tanned relaxed, took advantage of the swingset down the road, talked about feasible jobs for crack-addicts to have. For some reason video store clerk was the only one we could agree on. Except can you imagine recommending a movie while high on crack? Not that I've ever been high on crack, you know. Zaman made fun of my dead-pan and my stability and was issued his member's pin (he seems to have joined the club) The two of them slept in heaps in the living room and left sometime between 7 and 12, while I was at work.
My own sleeping pattern has been reduced to staccato:Late nights, early mornings, freak naps arriving without calling ahead. I keep falling asleep on public transit too, which is a bad habit, let me tell you. Especially since it is Attractive Tourist season.
And this German boy with a giant pearl stud in his ear who was travelling with his mother kept staring at me during breakfast. But maybe he just wanted more coffee.

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