Tuesday, May 24, 2011


hi all. The good news is that I didn't set anything on fire today at work. The bad news is that it looks like I have another 7 day work week. Today Marketa asked me what I thought about her son's tendency of tying a fuchsia coloured scarf around his forehead (pirate style) and wearing bunches of necklaces, all of them with those toddler oriented pastel coloured beads. I said it was funny and made some comment about Kids These Days. Do I looook like I am old enough to be giving mothers advice on their sixteen year old children? Mind you, this is a woman who sends her son out to Bamfield for the weekend with his buddies and a six pack. And then makes him a late breakfast when he is too tired to go to school when he gets back. Living the life, I think.
Yesterday I was taking Mr. T out for a walk (some small dog with about 4 different ways of saying feces instead of a breed name) and as he rolled around on his back in the grass for just long enough to get annoying I looked up and noticed a man in his underwear standing at the third floor window of the building across the street, blatantly staring. He didn't back away when we made eye contact either. There is nothing more awkward then being stared at by someone who is not wearing enough clothes.
Just overheard a conversation of the work guys outside. In between house-shaking bangs and rattles guy 1 says: You know why you should have watched the hockey game on Friday?
Guy2: Because I don't like hockey?
Guy1: No this girl sitting by the penalty box flashed the TV and they showed it on CBC (is this true by the way?)
Guy2: (smiling voice) Were they nice jungas?
Guy1: yeah. young.

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