Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Can't step off the cloud

Can I just admit something, right off the bat? I'm terribly jealous right now. That's not a positive emotion, but I read your posts about marimba adventures and conjoined apartments, and I think, man. I want to be there right now.

Instead, I'm in limbo. Managed to reach a woman who knows something about this supposed job, and she said I'm still in, for sure. The season is apparently so late that they have been using D8 Cats to clear 10-foot snowdrifts for the campsites. However, because they haven't been able to start on time, they've lost some employees, so I should be ready to leave at a moment's notice. But I am not a master carpenter. I'm not a bowl cook. I'm scared.

What else? I've been hired to pick up sticks in a neighbour's vacant lot, and rain has been a-pouring down. 8 hours in, and I'm maybe? halfway done. But it's not bad. It's peaceful, and I'm exhausted by the end of the day, but in a good way.

Can you hear the depression seeping into these words? I'm sorry. But I want my own space, and the feeling that I'm doing something useful, and some assurance about this job and what it'll entail. Ah well. Lavender tea and pastry may be the solution.

Also, might be driving to PG on Sunday with a friend to meet up with Future Roommate for dinner. Check out the videos about Exploding Chinese Watermelons on YouTube.

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