Monday, May 16, 2011

I've got this bag of hammers

Good to hear things are spic and span with you Shark. Except the sick thing. I was going to hop to the walk in clinic on my way home from work today but the lady came out specifically to tell me that they were closed for lunch. Bitch.
Today I was pressured into making the executive decision to fire this girl at work. Think: two weeks ago I was an unemployed student type banging my head against the wall, today I am shooting from the hip at single moms with anxiety issues. All because Marketa didn't like her.
Went to another potluck where I only knew two people. Ended up talking to this guy named Leon from London (England) for about an hour as he explained the rules of cricket to me. The only thing I remember is you get 4 points for a ball that rolls across the line and 6 if it is in the air. And you run back and forth. Kat met this Kiwi girl at this other potluck last week, who invited her to this house that is supah- international and filled with twenty somethings wasting time working and drinking heavily in Victoria. They all met while skiing in Revelstoke in the winter. It was a little strange but also very nice to be around people who were so open and relaxed. It was in a duplex but they had cut a hole in the drywall between the two apartments so that they could walk between them. Except it looked like a mirror because the second half of the house is exactly the same. They called it Narnia over there. Someone was joking about wooly man creatures and awkward shower times.
I'm gonna go clean the bathroom. Didn't do any at work today so I think I can finally bear down.

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