Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hoping, keep on moping

This is my choice of husband of the week. I've been listening to his music none stop for the week's been. His name is E-dubble and he's been making alright music (links below). Coincidental, he kind of looks like C-man. Minus the lush facial hair and the bright white skin, this guy could really be that guy. Home has been what it's been. Told mother dearest about the garden plans and plans for the summer and things I want to get accomplished. She also had many ideas to share about what to send the Israeli pen-pal of mine (Easter sweets are in the melting pot of thoughts, readers, if you have any other ideas that could fit in the mind set of "Canadian sweets, stationary, office supplies" please share :). They also know full fully about the hike plans and they seem all into it. Sweet. Mortimer, if we bunked. same room. I wouldn't even consider having c-man as a sleepover partner, his house only or off to the highway he would go. Hope the night is going smooth, and this is the sad truth, it's only when I'm far away from you (well, two of you now) it seems that this blog has a sense and meaning. KEEP SAFE.!/item/19xsk/e+dubble+-+Be+A+King

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