Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tall Dark and Lonely

"There comes a phase in life when, tired of losing, you decide to stop losing, then continue losing. Then you decide to really stop losing, and continue losing. The losing goes on and on so long you begin watching with curiosity, wondering how long you can go." - George Saunders In Persuasion Nation

Not to sound depressed. I just read this and thought it was both hilarious and infinitely tragic.

Last night, in a fit of "Last Day of Term Happies" we had a spontaneous and very very gratifying wine and oreo party with three friend that invited themselves over, and one that we invited. We were all satisfyingly tipsy and full to the brim (at least I was) with free History in Art appetizers and snacks that people seem to feel obligated to bring over. We sat on the floor in the kitchen and talked about our feelings, we figured out that the reason that all the lamps in this cursed house do not work is because the light bulbs are broken.

This morning Sabo woke up with a pounding head and put in Bambi. I have to write a French paper, no big surprise, due at midnight.

Oh and Shark, remember Cat? She is moving into your old room. I think she is as good as we are going to find, room-mate wise. Sabo called her drunk last night and spewed out some expectations. Oh and I know exactly what is in your package from Israel, he had to write it on the outside of the box for customs I guess.

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