Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I walked into the room dripping in gold

So apparently I am on buddybuddy terms with my prof (who happens to have written countless books on Anarchist art, and foams at the mouth at the idea of squatters conventions) Hopefully he remembers this when he is marking my papers next term. It's funny, I call him my professor but he has never actually taught me anything in a classroom setting. He wore a three piece velvety suit- pant legs too short, as usual- to present a slideshow from the New York trip. He waved excitedly when we ran into each other downtown.

Anyway, I came home from school today and all the lights were off and it was dead silent. Sabo and I agree that things are WEIRD in this house. I had this daytime fantasy that you didn't actually exist, Shark, and that the person I can relate to the most in this world was this awesome extension of my own imagination. If you ever feel like moving back in to try again, I will personally sell my bed and buy bunks. I will go stay somewhere else when C-Man comes over.

You know when you read 1/2 a book and then suddenly realize that it is a complete waste of time and the writing is terrible anyway? Don't read A Concise Chinese English Dictionnary for Lovers if you do not like this feeling. I had the sudden epiphany that all the characters were douchy.

Anyway, gotta go school myself on some Emily Carr if I don't want to crash and burn on Friday.

Laura- keep posting hot chicks, its got our numbers up.

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