Monday, January 31, 2011

With Crying Birds for Fruit

Just found out today that basically the other half of my hometown is moving to Victoria next year... including this band that I like. Also this girl that I knew from high-school (die-school? Lame-o) is coming to UVic to study astro-physics. I would be surprised and impressed but this is the third case I've heard of in my life of friends wanting to devote their lives to the study of... star movement? Combustion? Extreme Math? I really have no idea what physics even involves, being an art-fart myself. This is ironic because an old friend invited me to this physics lecture for tomorrow night by this famous genius man.

Also I found on the website for St.Ann's academy information that indicates that the convent/girl's school may have originally been intended for a mission school for aboriginals, Cowichan in particular. This is exciting to me (especially if I can find the Student Register in the archives tomorrow!) basically because I am a huge nerd.
Shark made sweet potato gnocci today with pesto and sunflower seeds. I made grilled cheese and homefries. Sarah made fresh vegetables sprinkled with peanuts and green herbs and heated up.
It's Sarah's birthday tomorrow. Oh dear, oh dear.


Miles said...

huh, that camera picture reminds me of a well traveled looking guy i saw at the local fast food emporium. we were just sitting there and he brings out this camera made of beer cans and wood that some poor child had made in an exotic south-american country. smile he says, but instead of taking the picture the camera springs open and inside is just empty beer can. there's poetic potential there - i'm sure one of you more educated people can see it more than me.

Emma & Sarah said...

That is funny, Miles. Weird too though, did this guy know that the camera wasn't going to be taking any pictures?
And I wouldn't call myself educated- I feel like half the things I learn have nothing to do with half the things I'm in school for.