Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's all false love and affection

For some reason, I seem unable to upload any pictures without making them tiny. And the writing is blue and underlined. If any of you know how to fix this, be my guest.

I'm listening to techno and finally sent off my resume. Jeeeeeze, about time. Procrastination much? I also just had a nice conversation with my old boss from the pizza shop, who has apparently sold her business and is taking a long-awaited honeymoon. I loved working there. If that job had paid anything more than $8/hour, I would have been the pizza shop girl for life.

Um. What else? I'm at home, finally, thank god. Ems, I ate the orange you gave me for dinner and haven't left my room since I walked in the door. I'm a reclusive hermit in my own home.

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