Monday, January 31, 2011

sounds baller, I want to say he is a dj?

I still crack up when I think of that line in my head. Right, surprise, I'm laying down, stomach before all, on the oh-so-comfortable carpeted floor. I swear, I want the majority of my greatest events to happen on this carpeted floor, or if a equal double of the floor.

As Mortimer stated we did have a friend over for the day, mind you, she did forget to mention there was a good-looking guy, with a soft sweater that was over putting up some drapery on the windows all around the house. It was great. Plus the fact I got this neat book today on Primitive art, by Leonhard Adam:, looks vaaaaaaairrry promising.

You want to know something sad too? I have yet, to figure out a solid recipe to use for the cake I want to make for sabo tomorrow. Guess i'll be up for a bit sorting through recipes and whatnot, looking for what would maybe the best cake recipe eva.

Here, i'm leaving you with a funny old school marimba video.

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