Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No SIgn of that Friend of Mine

My Emily Carr prof used her cellphone for the first time in cass today to call technical support from downstairs. She got it at the end of last semester when this angry guy in the class slammed shit around and scared the pants offa everyone. So she makes the call today and everyone laughs when she says that that was the first time she had used her cell, no wonder she couldn't get the VDP to work.

Also my french prof, while trying to explain the fable of the Cigale et la Fourmis (ant and the grasshopper) to the class mistranslated 'cigale' as 'killer wasp.' I don't know if I was the only one in the class grinding my teeth.

There is this boy with red hair that we have taken to calling my brother- although he doesn't know it- I see him every morning and every afternoon on the bus. There is no one else in the city that I see everyday, like clockwork. It's funny, really. I wonder if he is aware of this. Maybe if I go missing off the face of the earth he will be the first one to notice.
More hijinks tomorrow.

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