Monday, January 3, 2011

What the hell is going on here? Is that a dead soldier on the ceiling?

Nooo to veggie-ism, you crazy readhead, you. Who will be my partner in devouring the flesh of innocent animals?? Jeeze. I'm stuck at YVR right now with slow internet and caffeine jitters. And I saw these two people flying out of Pee Gee with battered cardboard boxes tied together with baling twine. And suitcase handles made of duct tape. Somehow I suspect that they are not catching the flight to Honolulu (which is delayed to 14:36, in case you wanted to know).

Hey hey hey. Have either of you guys heard of Nolan Murray, the mandolin player? I was digging dusty CD's out of the basement and came across his stuff. He is excellent and well worth a listen.

Home was not the same, somehow. My dog is still missing. But life is good.

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