Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Even the last of the black eye'd babies know

So first day done. So far so good. My french professor is this big African guy with an interesting accent that seems to love really prolonged eye contact. What doesn't help is that there is only about ten people in that class. I need to make some new friends I guess.

I was told yesterday that when people tell me their problems they can't always tell if I care that much. So a new resolution for this year will have to be "be more empathetic" or "give more sympathetic hugs" I dunno about this though. I am who I am, it's going to be a little hard to suddenly switch on this super emotional part of me that people think I am hiding. See, most of the time I know how I am feeling I am not really that attuned to people trying to figure it out.
Anyways. We scraped a few lines in the kitchen door moving the couch in the other day and I am dreading my landlord's reaction. I think I will make plans for all of Friday. I hear their is a movie about Alan Ginsberg playing at school. Maybe I'll hit it up.

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