Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy future!

Way to post the biggest picture known to creation. So this is the last day at home until probably Easter, which is a little weird considering I have barely left the house for the past two weeks. And yes, I will be having a hard time heaving my girth out of the front door tomorrow morning. Especially since yesterday I dunked my head (and whole body) in the freezing ocean and was too lazy to wash my hair afterwards. Therefore my head weighs about 40 pounds more of encrusted salt. Dunno what else to say really. Been reading that Tom Robbins book, Still Life With Woodpecker which claims that red heads are demi-gods from a secret planet that taught the ancient civilizations how to make pyramids but were eventually zapped by these other guys from the planet Argon. It also claims that the best way to make love stay is telling it that you are going to Junior's in Brooklyn to buy a cheesecake, and if it sticks around, it can have half. I have heard that Junior's cheesecake is to Die for. I will be trying out this theory in February when I'm in Town.
New Years resolution: play around with vegetarianism. Also quit playing it cool, try something exciting. The goal remains (and you know it): find true love

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