Saturday, January 22, 2011

This looks like the sun.

So, you (Mortimer), brett and I are at the current hot spot in Vic West... eggplant resting, wild meat being cooked and a lasagna being made. This will be the first time i've eat full frontal meat ever since the transition to victoria. It's a big deal.
Not really though.

I've been obsessed with persian cooking lately, mostly because my life is becoming more and more biased in that general direction. And how eggplant is their potato and how they use alot of rose water. I had this brilliant plan where I want to made a rose water cake with white chocolate icing for sabos birthday, except i don't know how to attack it, would the flavor still stand out if I used a awesome white cake batter, and add the flavoring, or how should I go on about this? I've been going through recipes upon, recipes online and I'm still in this confused mixed rough draft about it. I know for sure i have a solid cream cheese, white chocolate icing for the entire thing.... Laura want to come over and enjoy it too? I hear you like cheesecake!

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