Sunday, January 23, 2011

This is What I would Look Like right now If I Had nasty habits. Lucky I don't have any at all. Jay walking is not a nasty habit, Laura

The other day in my indigenous art class my prof was explaining how songs are a more effective of keeping records (history I guess) than written documents. She used as an example the election where Kennedy ran against Nixon- she's from Alaska- and Kennedy put out a 45 with election jingles to "gain support" of Joe Taxpayer. Anyway the thing is that she was 4 at the time and she can still remember the words to those songs. The other thing is that her brother, who was 6 and supported Nixon while the rest of the family was behind Kennedy, was infinitly jealous about the little record. Her mother finally bought him a Nixon sticker to put on his bike and ride around the neighbourhood. One a day the lady across the street comes up to my prof's mother and goes "oh thank god, I though we were the only ones supporting Nixon in this town." and she had to explain to her that it was only the 6 year old son that wasn't pro-Kennedy.

Politics are funny when you are little. I used to pull for Stockwell Day because I thougt he had a nice smile. At that time he was head of his own little side affiliation. We all know how those turn out.

Anyway walking home from Bretts this morning across the Bay St bridge there was this man yelling obscenities and singing at the top of his lungs following behind us. And Shark here would not pick up her feet and I had visions of impending doom. But we made it home ok, as always.

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