Saturday, January 22, 2011

You don't know what you'll find, you don't know what she hides

At home, not yet drinking wine but will be soon. I baked a delicious loaf of banana bread last night and my landlord's dog stole it off the kitchen counter. Hmmph.

I was at work today and talking to Kevin the surgeon, who stopped in the middle of stitching up a wound in the shoulder of a cat with a brain tumour to pose an interesting question, "If you could travel to any time period and meet someone who's dead, and have the chance to have a conversation with them, who would you choose?" And I said Sir Edmund Hillary, which was kind of off the top of my head, but a good choice nonetheless. And when Kev shouted out the question to the whole clinic, one person said Da Vinci, which I thought was a pretty decent option too. So who would you choose?

Just had a brief Facebook convo with an acquaintance from Rez, who is now in Australia. She's going sailing on a famous reef tomorrow. Every time I hear about her, she is doing something fantastic. It's very inspiring, and makes me feel good.

I ate so many doughnuts and so much chocolate at work today. Ohmygod. That place is hazardous to my health.

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