Thursday, January 6, 2011

There's Just One Map You'll Need

Well. Nothing much is happening here actually. I am both incredibly bored and also lonely but uninspired to leave the house in this weather. Not that I would really go anywhere that exciting.
I know what you mean about being independent though. When I go home for the weekend or whatever, I still have to rely on my parents to drive me everywhere, no wonder they treat me like I'm twelve most of the time. And I don't think anyone our age has thousands saved up in the bank, unless they are working and not doing a hell of a lot else.
Tonight at 630 I have my first Bollywood film class and I would be super excited if I didn't feel like shit and it wasn't 3 hours long. If they go the full class tonight I'mma hit the teacher in the face. Actually maybe not, they are just doing there job after all. My medieval studies prof is oh so pompous. It's almost funny, but also a little irritating. He reeks of role playing fantasy games and also really long and involved medieval poetry. I've got him pegged.
I had this idea about what I wanted to write about earlier but now its completely escaped me. But guess who the painting is of! She never did say if she liked it.

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