Thursday, January 6, 2011

I wish that neither of you were lonely or sad

Um. I just finished a deelish dinner, though it was kind of student fare, nothing fancy. And life is looking up. Here are the reasons why:
1) MY DOG CAME BACK!! Amazing. He was missing for over 5 days. I have no idea where he was, or what goes on in his little doggie brain.
2) My courses rock. Seriously. Today in History 201, we listened to a radio show and had a discussion. I like the profs, I like my classmates. Yesterday in Philosophy, I sat next to a guy who was a 4th year PoliSci student working on his thesis. I asked where he lived, and-you guessed it- he was from The Small Town where Everyone I Meet Grew Up. And he knows Will's older sister.
3) I am living in a city with decent transportation surrounded by friends that I love.
4) My job remains awesome.
5) School is going to be better this term. Seriously, that is such a load off of my (questionable) mind.

The only area that is not going so well is the Area of Love. But it seems like a lot of people are upset about that right now. And y'know what? I don't think I have ever had an argument with anyone I have been involved with. And I don't think that's a good thing.

Hum. Yeah. This guy in my lecture today asked who my favorite philosopher was. And I thought it was a bizarre question and said Camus. And he stared at me and said that I seemed like too happy a person to like ol' Albert, and recommended that I "think about my decision".

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