Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'm kindof missing you guys right now. How's Zoola? How are you? Our landlord does sound intense. I wonder if she will be down lots. We should also bring up the fact about painters tape, because not putting anything up on the wall, sounds extremely lame.

Can I tell you a weird thought? Karma Act? The ways the fate pushes in my dirrection? It seems, whenever I try to leave this house there is also a thing, a bump, a mound of something, to jump over. It's pretty rediculous. Maybe I should have been more independant- in the way of... maybe already knowing how to drive? and already ahve thousands saved up in my bank account, so, at the tender age of 19, nearly 20, i could be there. Treating myself to the good life.
Just a thought really. But seriously, I'm under the impression that the gods are giving me a hardtime..

But on the lighter side, I've been really inspired in learning languages and finding this one picture of this... house that I stared at for ages on ffffound. I'll show it to you, once I find it again.

Hope this gloomy day is treating you too nicely.

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